Szalter 1.0

Date 18-Jan-2013 20:46:32
Topic: software Classic

Benedykt Dziubałtowski and Czesław Mnich have a great pleasure to present their first game called Szalter. It is a logic game in which you move around the maze trying to light all the bulbs. Walking near the bulb you may activate or deactivate it, depending on the state it was in. The game was created as some sort of a milestone in Benedykt's experience in learning how to program on Amiga. Czesław is responsible for all the graphics part while XTD gave the permission to use one of his tunes.

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The authors are aware that the game, due to its simplicity, is far from being perfect but they would like it to be their cornerstone in Amiga game development. If you like this game, use the PayPal button and show them your support so it could give them motivation to create more games.

The game was tested on 68000, 68030 and 68060. It requires 1 MB RAM. The game runs from floppy as well as from hard disk. The latter requires to copy all the files to a place of your choice. Important is not to forget about amos.library required in LIBS directory of SYS partition.

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