AmiSafe - Amiga OS4 Password Protection

Date 29-Jan-2013 5:07:20
Topic: software OS4

Now available - my first commercial Amiga OS4 program - AmiSafe!

AmiSafe is a password protection program for Amiga OS4 that uses a simple Reaction interface to allow you to enter and store all of your credit/bank card, internet or other passwords and information. Your passwords are encoded using a rijndael encoding algorithm that ensures that only your master password will unlock the information.

A demo of AmiSafe may be found on OS4Depot.

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This version is limited to a hardcoded password and only a few entries of storage. The full version of AmiSafe can be purchased for $5 USD using paypal by contacting AmigaDevelopment() for the paypal address, or by making a $5 USD donation for AmiSafe on the Jack App Store.

You can see an overview of AmiSafe on my Blog Site.

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Scott Cabit
Amiga Development

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