Cinemaware® is Back on AmigaOS!

Date 29-Jan-2013 5:09:36
Topic: software OS4

Cinemaware in cooperation with Hyperion Entertainment are proud to announce the re-distribution of its classic Amiga 68K Cinemaware titles. Through the magic of emulation and genuine Amiga ROMs, you can once again play titles such as Defender of the Crown® on PowerPC-based AmigaOS systems with a simple double click of the mouse. Everything you need to run these classic Cinemaware games is already included in AmigaOS 4.1. There is even an option for using an original joystick via the Catweasel joystick driver for a truly nostalgic experience.

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All registered AmigaOS owners now have access to these Cinemaware games at in the downloads section. Customers can simply choose the games they are interested in and click download. Manuals are also included for a majority of the games.

AmigaOS has evolved from its humble beginnings on those original 68k systems and so has Cinemaware. Cinemaware not only has a brand new web site at, but Cinemaware titles are also available for iOS such as Defender of the Crown® and the upcoming The King of Chicago™. You can expect many more classic Cinemaware titles to be available on a portable device near you soon! Also keep an eye out for Cinemaware Kickstarter projects which will reboot your favorite titles with HD graphics and new gameplay content!

Hyperion Entertainment is offering these games as a free bonus for all its AmigaOS customers, and is distributing these games with the full cooperation of Cinemaware. Issues may be posted at where we will do our best to help you.

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