A fix for the audio issue on Sam460ex and AmigaOne 500

Date 26-Feb-2013 22:07:19
Topic: hardware OS4

The problem with the crackling audio on some Sam460ex boards/AmigaOne 500 systems has been identified.

For some reasons, still under investigation, a few boards miss a resistor (R267)
This 0 ohm resistor is responsible for the clock source selection of the AC97 codec, without it the codec runs at a wrong frequency which causes the crackling audio.

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If you have a sound quality problem with your Sam460ex board/AmigaOne system, please check if the R267 resistor is in place or not. See this photo from the bottom of the board:

Alternatively the problem may be mitigated with a special sm502.audio driver which minimizes (but not completely removes) the noise.

Download and try this alternate driver

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