FFmpeg 1.1.3 now available for OS4

Date 8-Mar-2013 20:23:58
Topic: software OS4

FFmpeg 1.1.3 has been ported to AmigaOS4.

It includes thousands of improvements and support for a multitude of new decoders, encoders, muxers and filters.

Notable features are the ability to burn-in subtitles through the use of the new subtitles filter (via libass), and the support for converting and playing MOD/MED modules (via libmodplug).

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The first time the subtitles filter is used, a cache will be built by scanning the contents of Fonts:_TrueType

Amongst the new filters are audio resampling from any format to any other, scene detection, volume detection, super2xsai scaling, logo removal, deshake, temporal deinterlacing, smart blur and many more.

You can download it now from OS4Depot: http://os4depot.net/?function=showfile&file=video/convert/ffmpeg.lha

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