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Date 20-Mar-2013 22:35:14
Topic: software OS4

Here are some news from the French Amiga Team leaded by the great Huno !


Ever wanted to use you multimedia keyboard as you would do on an Apple Mac keyboard (e.g. increase/decrease/mute volume, launch web browser, launch music player, eject CD, etc...) ?

If yes, OSDLauncher was made for you.

OSDLauncher will allow you to use all your MultiMedia keys and displays on your screen a nice pop up outlining what you are doing, la Mac.

Please read the documentation since you'll need some tools installed on your system for the program to function (AllKeys, Mixer, Eject.CD, etc...)


Regarding games, some new ones are now available:

Frogatto is the true succesor of Superfrog. Using the Lib Boosty ported and improved by Huno, Frogatto takes advantage of Warp3D to display smooth animations and wonderful graphics. Huno has put a lot of work on this one (as for Hurrican) and as you'll see, game is really enjoyable.

Super Tirititran is a nice shoot'em up with a spanish super hero taking place in the Spanish city of Cadiz. Only in Spanish but really well realized.

MiniSlug Project is a remake of the well known Metal Slug. really fun to play.

Please visit Huno's Portal Site to download them and see what are the projects Hugues is working on (even if this year he will have to pass exams so he won't be able to work on these as much as usual).

Other great games (Arcanoid, Tetris, Bomberman Lan and Airball) ported by Huno are available on this French site (click on the links labelled Version AmigaOS 4).

As you know Hugues puts a lot of work into optimizing, porting and developing for our system so if you enjoy his work, feel free to donate to him to show your appreciation of his work :

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