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Date 30-Mar-2013 20:28:04
Topic: Software News

We have lowered the prices for AMC - the Amiga media Center.
If you know XBMC you will understand what it is aimed for.

We splitt the development of AMC in to parts.
AMC light will stay as kind of XBMC.
AMC 2013 (working title) will become a more desktop orientated application.

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Everyone who bought AMC for the initial price of 29.95 (. = , in Europe ... roughly 30 ) will become every future update of AMC light AND AMC 2013 (+ future updates).

From today you can also get a single user license of AMC light for only 10.

A lifetime subscription for "AMC light" costs 20 and qualifies to install it on 3 different computer.

For 29,95 as in the past you will get 3 licenses and a lifetime upgrade path for both AMC and AMC light.

If you are interested in AMC light (a la XBMC) you could buy a single license for 10. Skip and update and buy again when something interesting for you has been added.

I have repacked the AmigaOS 4.x package to use the "Flat-theme" and have added an updated Web-TV list. Since nothing has been changed everyone who uses AMC already needs only to download the channel data.

AMC light is controlled via keyboard or remote.
Up/down = up/down
h = online help of highlighting a image in picture browser

I have bought a SAM733 to test it by myself. You may know that I am normally an AROS guy.
On the SAM you will have following effects:
AMC's GUI is completely rendered by CPU. So reducing resolution is a must.
Normally I run the WB in 1080p, but for AMC I go lower. It depends on your taste how far, but I go down to 832x624. There the GUI is responsive and video playback benefits from the low resolution too. 1024x768 is OK too. A 1024x600 resolution can be a good compromise for wide screen.

The demo version is very limited. You can only scan the whole system with all partitions.

I would not suggest this. This takes ages even with an SSD. Don't be fooled, even if progress bar stagnates at 0%, AMC is still busy. It took 20 minutes for me to do a full scan SYS:, Work, : docs: full of crap images from applications.

As told: I suggest to use only drawer scan. Choose the drawers with your photos and let AMC only scan what is "interesting".

Same for music. AMC scan simultaneously for all supported media. Pointing AMC to the root drawer of your media is the way to go.

On my SAM it took than again a bit to open the image browser the first time. AMC will do some caching and thumbnail creation. This takes a moment. Next time it will be quickly opened.

Get the latest AMC light AmigaOS 4.x version here

The cleaned channel list here

Happy Easter!

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