NetSurf 3.0 released

Date 25-Apr-2013 18:09:34
Topic: software OS4

NetSurf is a small, fast, CSS capable web browser for AmigaOS 4 and other platforms. The OS4 version has an OS4 native GUI and does not require AmiCygnix.

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NetSurf 3.0 contains many changes over the 2.x release series. The biggest difference is the use of our new Document Object Model library, LibDOM. This new library is a foundation that paves the way for us to implement a fully dynamic layout engine in the future. Other improvements in NetSurf 3.0 include completely new textarea support, ability to fetch and parse CSS in parallel with HTML documents, extensive behind-the-scenes refactoring, and a host of smaller changes and fixes. A more complete listing is available in the Change Log.

NB: This is a "semi-unofficial" build with early JavaScript support. There may be an "official" build from the more well-tested CI server at a later date.

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