Cinnamon Writer 0.9 is released

Date 5-May-2013 17:17:49
Topic: News

Cinnamon Writer is now available for AmigaOS4 and MorphOS computers, with an AROS version in the pipeline.
Cinnamon Writer is a native WYSIWYG word processor developed especially for Amiga and Amiga-like systems. It features advanced layout options, spell checking, advanced undo/redo options, restoring of lost documents and DocX compatibility, allowing for compatibility with mainstream word processors of other platforms.
The biggest news of this version is the complete rewrite of the GUI system taking advantage of the MUI interface. Other improvements include a new memory and indexing system allowing you to work on very big documents on machines with only little memory. A restoring system will back up your document every 5 minutes, and if you experience a crash or inadvertently power off your Amiga before saving, Cinnamon Writer will restore your last session. (Please click read more.)

A lot of features have been added, some that might not be obvious for the user, but the framework allowing future versions of Cinnamon Writer will include the integration of images and tables.
This version of Cinnamon Writer will be the first available for MorphOS users. This could not be done without the help of Will Morris who were so generous as to donate a MorphOS machine for the development.
This version of Cinnamon Writer will be the most thoroughly tested to date thanks to people like Kas1e, Joel Edberg and many more. However, that doesn't mean that we have found *all* the bugs, and I sincerely hope you will help me with bug-reports when/if you find them so I can make the future versions even more stable.
Cinnamon Writer was tested by a small number of MorphOS users, but because I have only gotten back a handful of completed reports, I have decided to publish this version as a beta. It has exactly the same features as the AOS4 version.
Cinnamon Writer will not be released at this time for AROS, as I have problems with the MUI to Zune conversion. It is being worked on and I will make an announcement when I have something ready for download.

Please enjoy and consider a donation if you find this software useful.

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