Available the new V.A.M.P. 0.95

Date 1-Aug-2013 23:05:16
Topic: Software News

Available to download the new version of Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player or V.A.M.P. a multimedia player programmed with Hollywood that plays movies, songs, sounds, show pictures.

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This new version has the next improvements:

1. Compiled with the lastest Hollywood 5.3.
2. Suppressed the text message with the % of volume bar.
3. Fixed the bug that was preventing the repeating the multimedia file.
4. Again available the autoplay video and song when you have loaded the file.
5. Corrected the rewind/forward video&song time with the mouse wheel, now it is second to second.
6. Improvement the player GUI, new button Mute OFF for the option Mute ON/OFF.

Available to Amiga OS4, MorphOS and Amiga 68k with graphic card, V.A.M.P. needs the Hollywood plugins and datatypes.

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