First Annual AmiWest Developer Recognition Award

Date 6-Aug-2013 19:33:38
Topic: News

Hello Amiga Community!

We are pleased to announce something new for AmiWest 2013. There are two forces keeping the Amiga computer going and thriving, the users and the developers. This effort is to provide recognition for those folks who spend countless hours working to bring new software to the Amiga platforms.

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The plan is simple: Nominations will start now and starting in October we will have open voting were the top 5 developers will be chosen by the internet community. On October 19th, at the AmiWest Banquet there will be a final vote between the 5 top developers previously selected to see who will the win the award.

The only rules are that the software has been released or updated since October 2012 and runs on an Amiga platform. This is open to all and feel free to suggest more than one developer for the award.

What do they win? We will create a special placard and mail it off.

This is a new project for us so bare with us as we work out all the details and kinks.


P.S. Here is the link to begin nominating developers!

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