aTunes 1.0, FastView 1.7, NetDock 50.9 and qt (smTube, quicklytranslate, qtWeb)

Date 21-Sep-2013 14:34:20
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I have uploaded some new / updated software on OS4Depot.
There are aTunes 1.0, FastView 1.7, NetDock 50.9 and qt ports (new smTube, QuicklyTranslate and qtWeb)

aTunes 1.0

aTunes is a MUI program which will allow you to manage your music files, show the file's tags, play them and build M3U playlists.

It makes use of the LibTag to display tags and CoverArt of your music files. Plus very minimalist iTunes... (Please click 'Read more')

Grab 1

Grab 2

Thanks to :
- Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt for all the icons and banners, the German translation and for the tests and suggestions
- Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the Italian translation and for the tests and suggestions
- Jaroslav 'Prober' Kabara for the Czech translation
- Javier De Las Rivas for the Spanish translation
- Anthony 'Phantom' Iliakis for the Greek translation
- Tony 'Sinisrus' Canazza,
- Lionel 'Lio' Muller,for the tests and advices
- Mehdi 'K-L' Boulahia for the tests, advices and to have corrected this English
ReadMe ;)

Please read the ReadMe.txt or the LisezMoi.txt for more infos

aTunes on OS4Depot

FastView 1.7

* Added predefined resize factor when rescaling a picture.
Thanks to Lionel 'Lio' Muller for the suggestion

* Activate the focus on FastView after dragging files.
Thanks to Lionel 'Lio' Muller for the suggestion

* Added a Cancel button when changing of Wallpaper.
It will restore the Wallpaper active when FastView is started

Thanks to Martin Cornelius/Richard Mulder to have suggested that in AmigaFuture 104.

FastView on OS4Depot

NetDock 50.9

* Added tooltypes to display NetDock as a mini Docky 24 x 24 (MINIDOCK)
Could be useful to add NetDock in a tray bar
MINIDOCK=ON will display a horizontal mini docky without text, only network
bandwith with 2 graphs.

MiniDock NetDock grab

* Added tooltypes to add height pixels. (EXTRA_HEIGHT)
Could be useful to align NetDock with others Docky
EXTRA_HEIGHT=6 can be used to align NetDock with X1kTemp

* Added tooltypes to specify lines spacing. (EXTRA_SPACING in pixels)
Could be useful to align NetDock with others Docky
EXTRA_SPACING=14 can be used to align NetDock informations lines with 1kTemp temp lines

Thanks to 'nbache' for the 2 previous suggestions.

NetDock on OS4Depot

Qt port :

smTube 1.8

smTube is a program to stream YouTube video and/or to download them.

Program by Ricardo Villalba
Icon from Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt icon

Streaming is ONLY SUPPORTED with the following players
MUI-Mplayer (MPlayer UNKNOWN-4.4.3 (C) 2000-2010 MPlayer Team) and SDL MPlayer SVN-r32561-snapshot-4.2.4 and NO other ones to my knowledge.

MPlayer options are modifiables in the header part of ./Amiga/Playvideo.rexx
(takes care of things like "-vo cgx_wpa -cache 8192")

smTube grab 1
smTube grab 2
smTube grab 3

smTube on OS4Depot

QuicklyTranslate 0.4

* fixed the bad display of special characters in the result area.
using QTextCodec *codec = QTextCodec::codecForName("System") function

Thanks to Lio to have motivated me to resolve this issue

* added French translation
translation was present but was not loaded at startup

QuicklyTranslate grab 1

QuicklyTranslate on OS4Depot

qtWeb 3.3.3

* fixed Italian catalog by Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh

* fixed a DSI with last SourceForge Qt version (pre QuickFix 9)

qtWeb on OS4Depot

Thanks to all guys who made tests, gfx, translations and suggestions...
especially to Samo79, TommySammy, K-L, Lio, Gerograph, nbache, Artblink, Sinisrus, Javier, Prober, Johan, Niolator and Phantom and all others...
and to Alfkill for Qt.

Enough for now

Thank you for your feedback (positive, of course )

Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel


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