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aTunes 1.1 with Tags editor, aTunes AAmp plugin, FastView 1.8 and NetDock 51.0

Date 8-Oct-2013 3:11:10
Topic: software OS4

I have uploaded some new / updated software on OS4Depot.
There are -- aTunes 1.1 (with aTunes AmigaAmp Plugin 1.0), FastView 1.8 and NetDock 51.0.

aTunes 1.1

aTunes is a MUI program which will allow you to manage your music files, show/edit the file's tags, play them and build M3U playlists....
(Please click 'Read more')

* aTunes.db is now searched/created in aTunes/Data drawer by default.

Please, if you had put your aTunes.db in ENVARC: (it was the default) manually copy it in the Data drawer of aTunes
If you want to revert back to the old location (ENVARC:), simply uncomment the DATABASE_DRAWER Tooltype.
I had to make this change because ENVARC: seems to not be the right place to store big data files.
Sorry for the inconvenience

* added a Tag CoverArt Editor
-individual or multiples tages are modifiables
-mp3 CoverArt can be changed ("Icon" and "FrontCover")
-auto-incrementation of Tracks numbers.
-tested on MacOSX (Finder and iTunes compatible)

See screenshoot and read ReadMe for more informations.

aTunes Tags CoverArt editor

* Added a menu option to call the aTunes_Cover_AAmp aTunes-AmigaAmp's "plugin".

CoverArt and song title/artist played by AmigaAmp are displayed automatically
To use this plugin, you have first to install it and to run it at least once
See below for link and screenshot

* Added a Tooltype to auto call this "plugin" when play songs with AmigaAmp

* Fixed some bugs in Playlist window (menu + no confirmation when replacing an existing file)

* Added CENTERED_LIST ToolType to specify the disposition of the contents of all the lists

* Added INCLUDE_MP4 ToolType to specify if MP4 videos have to be included

* Added ALBUM_FILTER_LARGER to allow a larger width for Album list in filter window

* Added EMPTY_TAG_STRING to allow specifying the characters string to use when no tag is found for a song file.

* Removed fixed MUI background in the group frames,

* Added an "Open drawer" menu entry to open the drawer of the selected songs

* Added dutch translation by 'Johan' Banis

Thanks to Severin, Elwood, Samo79 and to Javier for the suggestions

AND please read the ReadMe.txt or the LisezMoi.txt for more infos

aTunes on OS4Depot

aTunes Cover AmigaAmp Plugin 1.0

aTunes_Cover_AAmp is a MUI program which will display the CoverArt + Ringhio notification of the playing AmigaAmp song.

please read the ReadMe.txt for more infos

aTunes Cover AAmp displaying CoverArt and song title

aTunes Cover AAmp on OS4Depot

FastView 1.8

* Added a "Copy to" entry in the menu to copy selected pictures to another location

Thanks to Ghillo for the suggestion

* Added the possibility to select multiples files to rescale in one pass

Thanks to Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt for the suggestion

* Added some Effects thanks to Alex 'Alex' Balaban LibDevIL

- Black and white (.MONO appended to the picture)
- Blur (.BLUR appended to the picture)
- Contrast (.CONT appended to the picture)
- Gamma correction (.GAMMA appended to the picture)
- Noisify (.NOISE appended to the picture)
- Pixelize (.PIXEL appended to the picture)
- Color replace (.REPCOL appended to the picture)
- Saturation (.SATUR appended to the picture)
- Sharpen (.SHARP appended to the picture)
- Wave (.WAVE appended to the picture)

FastView new LibDevIL effects

* Fixed slow multi selection in the pictures list

* Fixed a rescaling bug

Thanks to Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt for the report

* Fixed a croping bug when mouse was reaching the window borders

FastView on OS4Depot

NetDock 51.0

* Added a MINIDOCK Tooltype to make NetDock a network monitor with only graphical IN / OUT display

The 4 network monitors states pictures can be changed by others in ./Data drawer.

Thanks to Roman 'Kasle' Kargin for the suggestion and the pictures


* Renamed the previous MINIDOCK (version 50.9) as MINIDISPLAY

NetDock on OS4Depot

Thanks to everyone who tested, did gfx and translations and for all your suggestions...

Thank you too for your feedback (positive, of course )

Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel


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