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AmigaWorld - Amiga Community Portal

New Mediator model: Mediator PCI 3000Di

Date 24-Oct-2013 22:38:30
Topic: hardware Classic

Elbox Computer is pleased to announce expanding the MEDIATOR busboard product line with the new Mediator model for the desktop Amiga 3000 computers: Mediator PCI 3000Di.

Mediator PCI 3000Di replaces original Commodore A3000 Daughter Board. The new Mediator model is equipped with a 3.3V power rail, which allows to use wider range of PCI card models.

Mediator 3000Di boards will be produced in limited edition based on pre-orders. Pre-orders will be accepted from now until 3rd November 2013.

3 PCI slots (PCI 2.2 compatible)
3 Zorro III/II slots
33MHz PCI clock (transfer rate up to 132MB/s)
32-bit PCI datapath
4GB PCI memory space
Busmastering/DMA in all PCI slots
SDRAM/SGRAM of PCI gfx card as a fast DMA buffer
DMA to A3000 motherboard space
Address and data parity control support
Interrupt controller (4 lines to each PCI card)
Compatibility with all A3000 processor card models
Simultaneous operation of up to three PCI and up to three Zorro III/II cards

2D graphic drivers for:
Radeon 9250, Radeon 9200, Radeon 9000,
Voodoo5, Voodoo4, Voodoo3, Voodoo Banshee,
S3 Virge and S3 Virge DX PCI graphic cards
Warp 3D drivers working with Voodoo5, Voodoo4 and Voodoo3 graphic cards
TV tuner drivers for over 100 models of the PCI TV tuner cards
AHI sound drivers for: Sound Blaster 4.1 Digital, Sound Blaster 128 and
ForteMedia FM801-based sound cards (e.g. Terratec 512i Digital)
Network Sana-2 drivers for: Fast Ethernet 100Mbps PCI cards
Network Sana-2 drivers for: Ethernet 10Mbps PCI cards
USB drivers for the Poseidon stack for: Spider II USB 2.0 cards

For the complete list of currently supported PCI cards see Mediator Driver Guide.

Package contents:
Mediator PCI Core Logic card
Elbox A3000D 4xZIII / 3xPCI daughter board
Mediator Multimedia CD
User's Manual

Pricing and availability:
Mediator PCI 3000Di suggested retail price is 299.95 EUR (VAT included) or $336.95 (VAT excluded).

Mediator 3000Di boards will be produced in limited edition based on pre-orders. Pre-orders will be accepted from now until 3rd November 2013. The preordered boards will be sent out on 22 November 2013.

Pre-orders can be placed in the Elbox Online Store at
Mediator 3000Di page for customers from the European Union,
Mediator 3000Di page for customers from other countries.

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