RAMDock, GFXDock, FastView 2.2, FlipPaper 1.4 on OS4Depot

Date 6-Nov-2013 16:07:30
Topic: software OS4

I have uploaded some new / updated softwares on OS4Depot.
There are 2 new Dockies (RAMDock and GFXDock), FastView 2.2, FlipPaper 1.4 and small bug fixes for aTunes and aTunes_Cover_AAmp

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FastView 2.2

* Improved SinglePicture mode (MultiView Workbench replacement)

* Added the possibility to rotate the original picture in SinglePicture mode

Thanks to Anthony 'Phantom' Iliakis and to 'Chris' Young for the suggestions

* Reworked the interface to be compatible with low screen resolution.
Now the minimum resolution is 655 x 573

Thanks to Thore 'tboeckel' Boeckelmann for the GUI advices
and to Roman 'Kas1e' Kargin and Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the tests

grab of the new FastView interface

* Added a busy state (busy mouse pointer) when FastView is "working".

* Added a Tooltype to deactivate the ShortHelp (bubble help)
In SinglePicture mode, no ShortHelp is available.

Thanks to Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the suggestion

* When a picture is deleted in SinglePicture mode, the next picture will
be automatically opened (instead to quit the program)

Thanks to Krister 'Kicko' Skrtic for the suggestion

FastView on OS4Depot

FlipPaper 1.4

* Added an option to flip wallpaper depending of the time of day.
For example, you can setup a landscape pÓctures set where pictures change depending of the hour of day.

Thanks to Daniel 'gtmooya' Hutchinson for the suggestion
For more informations, check the new FlipPaper tutorial in his helpful program Assist AND/OR read the README included.

* Fixed a memory leak

* Added a Tooltype to deactivate the ShortHelp (bubble help)

FlipPaper on OS4Depot

RAMDock v50.0

is a Docky to monitor your RAM consumption.

Please, read the ReadMe file included

grab of RAMDock MINIDOCK

grab of standard RAMDock (with black background)

RAMDock on OS4Depot

GFXDock v50.0

is a Docky to monitor your graphic card consumption.

Please, read the ReadMe file included

grab of GFXDock MINIDOCK

GFXDock on OS4Depot

aTunes v1.4

* Fixed the auto-start of the AAmp_Cover plugin when playing a PlayList

aTunes on OS4Depot

aTunes_Cover_AAmp 1.4

* Fixed a problem when AmigaAmp was iconified / deiconified

aTunes_Cover_AAmp on OS4Depot

Thank you for your feedback

Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel
guillaume at boesel.fr

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