AEROS for Pi beta 5 public release

Date 23-Nov-2013 22:13:24
Topic: software AROS

A little late but here it is:

Beta 5 for unregistered users (without lx command)
To execute Linux-stuff you need to do a right click on the bottom task bar.

A shaky video showing it can be found here:

Read more ---->

New / Features / Fixes:
Based on newer AROS ARHMfh build based on Deadwoods stable ARM ABI
Clicking on AHI pref icon doesn't crash it anymore
Not as ugly as last release (Icon mix)

Included Apps
- Everything being part of the nightlies except FryingPan,DOOM and Quake
- Experimantel OWB (not Oddyssey)
- Vice C64/C128 emulator

ScumVM incl. Beneath a steel sky and Flight of the Amazon Queen
Frozen Bubble
Synaptic packet manager
And more

I am still preparing AEROS for Cubieboard which is a bit more performant and has support for 2d and 3D accelerated X11.

The raspberry Pi can gain a speedbump as soon Xwayland works.

Update link will be ready at 22:22 german time(November 23rd - 2013)

Next version will have native ports of Abuse and more but i wait until mounting host-drives is working again.

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