Solid Gold released

Date 4-Jan-2014 18:16:31
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SOLID GOLD is a Jump'n Run with 8-way soft scrolling. It's written for the
classic Amiga hardware and designed in the style of the early 90s.

The game features ten levels spanning four worlds, with different graphics
and enemies. Each level's goal is to find an artefact which will lead the
way to the next world.

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Solid Gold in electronic form (web download) is FREEWARE. A boxed version
on a physical disk may be charged for, to cover expenses.

The source text and all its data are PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Solid Gold team:

Created by Night OWL Design in Herford/Germany.

Frank Wille - Code (main programme and level editor)
Gerrit Wille - Graphics, Music, Sound, Level Design
Pierre Horn - Story

David Steves - Beta testing
Marcus Gerards - Beta testing

System Requirements:

Any OCS-PAL or ECS/AGA Amiga with a minimum of 1 MB RAM (512K Chip RAM
required) will do. The game will also run on high-end Amigas but does
not make full use of their capabilities. It also works on Minimig and

Minimum OS version: Kickstart 1.2.

Boots and works from any disk drive.

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