Antiryad Gx 3.3. now for MorphOS and AROS ARM

Date 10-Mar-2014 18:30:27
Topic: Software News

Antiryad Gx v3.3 released

Antiryad Gx v3.3 was released.
This version drops the professional license price.

Here is the list of new features:

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- Optimized thread management.
- Added ETC1 texture (de)compressor
- Support of Amstrad CPC SCR file format (without Amsdos headers).
- Support of OCS and AGA shipsets in Amiga 68k driver using new chunky to planar system.
- Support of AHI sound system in Amiga 68k driver.
- Enhanced gx_baseed, gx_dsp, gx_filevirtual, gx_interface, gx_keyboard, gx_obj3d, gx_render, gx_scratchbuffer, gx_soundmixer, gx_winbox objects.
- Optimized OpenGL 4 dynamic rendering.
- Optimized OpenGL 2d flush.
- Support of NACL platform.
- Support of MorphOS PowerPC platform.
- Support of Linux ARM platform (Raspberry PI).
- Support of AROS ARM platform (Raspberry PI).
- Added new keyboard virtual keys.
- Added input tester tool.
- Enhanced video codec.
- New antisector system.
- Optimized gx_math object.
- Added fixed point functions in gx_math object.
- Optimized 2d rendering (gx_screen, gx_bitmap objects).
- Support of Amiga SVX sound format.
- Enhanced bitmap MTR reader and writer, now support biplanes modes.
- Added high quality IFF bitmap writer and enhanced readed, supporting PC chunky, Amiga planar, Halfbrite, HAM6 and HAM8 modes.
- Added support of Atari ST Degas (PI1, PI2, PI3) and Neochrome (NEO) bitmap formats.
- Enhanced benchmark.
- Fullscreen mode switch with F11 key instead of ALT+ENTER.
- Enhanced Winbox main menu.
- Removed music Gel module, a new music system is now embedded in Antiryad Gx.
- Added http downloader.
- Added new Winbox themes.


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