AmiATLAS Appeal

Date 26-Jul-2003 9:16:55
Topic: Software News

AmiATLAS Appeal

Surely many a user has been annoyed with some destination, a location or an attraction in the near vicinity or even one's own place of residence not being included or even being incorrectly contained in one of AmiATLAS' maps?!

But that has never really been a real problem! After all, you have always been able to include custom additions, whatever they may be! Such a thing cannot
easily be said of PC routing software...

Now, in order to not only enjoy your additions alone or maybe even to not have to make the effort at all, why not let all users share them???

Thus here the appeal to all new and long-time users of AmiATLAS:

Please notify us of your wishes, of what is still missing in the maps or has to be changed because of faulty entries.

Also informational items about places or attractions are most welcome!

We are looking forward to any useful eMails in this regard to the following address:

There is even a little surprise for all practical and implemented pieces of information...

Thanks to all Amiga users for your help!

AmiATLAS Development Team,

Gerd Frank, maintainer
Manfred Rohde, mapmaster

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