INDIEGO! App Store status update

Date 3-May-2014 14:52:49
Topic: Announcement


In short we will be able to share the first graphical client with you.

This client will be available for AmigaOS (the original and OS4),
MorphOS, AROS, Windows, OS X(PPC/intel),Linux (ppc/intel).

The shown version uses { } whenever a "translation" is missing... means:

The client will be multilingual.

Developers who have already registered and applied as developer will gain a small bonus in form of a reduced fee. We reduce it to 10% per sales-revenue.

Wait, a fee??
Don't worry!

There is no registration fee! There is no monthly fee! There is no fee based on MegaBytes!

In case you sell an application, the system will take in real-time a bit of your revenue depending on your personal "fee".

If your game costs 500iC (100 indieCoins = 1 ) and a user purchases it, you will get 450iC transferred to your developer account instantly. 10% = 50iC are kept for hosting and other costs.

Wait! I release only freeware!
Great! You are welcome and allowed to upload your stuff. After a review of your person. So not everyone can upload.

What if someone steals my stuff or offers illegal content?
You can use the "report app" feature which will result in a check of this abuse report.

Where can i get those indieCoins?
You can:
  • get them as a gift
  • get them as cash back from partners
  • get them from partners in exchange for real money
  • you can get them as donation (requires additional membership in a club)
  • you can earn them with voluntary jobs

It is meant as Bonus-system to strengthen Amiga dealers and developers.

Developers can click on "Enter the Matrix" in order to create
1st a user account and then
2nd click on "become a developer".

The Web-interface is more or less self explainatory.
Developers will be approved manually.

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