AEROS beta 7 for Raspberry Pi public version

Date 28-May-2014 20:33:48
Topic: software AROS

Most important news:

It comes with 2D HW accelerated X11. No more black tearing if you move windows and accelerated scrolling.

Changelog for beta7:
  • Updated Linux system
  • 2D accelerated window movement and scrolling (no black tearing anymore, faster)
    added XBMC
  • Access rPi GPU directly - after Exiting you need to press ctrl+alt+f2 and then ctrl+alt+f7 to get back to Wanderer-Screen
  • Fixed disordered icons
  • removed empty folders
  • removed ._-files
  • removed crashing stuff
  • fixed ejecting external media from Linux-filemanager wich was broken
  • added scrot command to take screenshots from shell
  • cleaned some icons (fragments from nightly)
Go to public section to find the beta 7 download link.

The public release is missing the lx command which allows you to launch Linux programs from Wanderer or AROS shell. You can still run them from Taskbar.

There is a chance to become AEROS for additional Platforms including lx-command:

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