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Date 1-Sep-2014 20:16:31
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Hi AmiVerse,

We are extremely pleased to be able to host the 3rd incarnation of the AmiWest Programming Seminar. This is a unique event in the AmiVerse, to bring together Amiga developers, programmers, and users to learn from each other and create apps.

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In previous years we have taken a more formal approach with seminars and fixed topics. Given the wide range of programming experience on the part of participants, we will try a more free-form approach this year.

The AmiWest Programming Jam!

The programming days will start with a Thursday morning presentation by Mr. Steven Solie, the AmigaOS development team leader, on the status of the AmigaOS, the SDK and AmigaOS API.

For beginners, we will continue on with a group discussion on the coding process. We will touch on how to organize a coding project, how to break a project into manageable pieces, how to get help and how to debug a one's work.

To sign up for the event fill out this form. Visit the AmiWest Programming Seminar page for additional details.

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