Date 1-Oct-2014 23:56:29
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Our new MorphOS and AmigaOS 4 (Warp3D!!) game "VoxelNoid" is ready for download here.

For free! Although donations are welcome, of course
There's a press-kit and DVD-cover-art available too.

An Android-port is also available (that one's free version is limited though).

The game was first presented to the public some weeks ago at the Gerp 2014 demo-party where it won the first place in the Wild competition.

In its core VoxelNoid is a break-out-variant with 3D voxels: the bricks, balls, extras, even the bat, all voxels.
The voxels ain't just eye-candy though. They are an essential game-play element:
If a brick is destroyed then it explodes into the tiny voxels it is built of, filling the playfield with voxel-debris.
As soon as the ball approaches such debris it starts to swirl around and flies to the bat, where it is converted into energy to charge the laser.
And guess what: with that laser you can blast away those bricks in rows! Even those harder blinking bricks the ball cannot destroy cannot withstand a well aimed laser-blast for too long. Besides that the laser can be your last resort in critical situations since the ball is slowed down while firing.
And real high scores can only be achieved by true laser-masters.
When you destroyed all normal bricks the next level is entered - and there are 30.

And then there is that 2-player-simultan-splitscreen-mode...
Clean up your playfield first to win. And if you know how to handle your laser: use it to beam penalty-bricks to your opponent's playfield, one for each two bricks you shoot. Harhar

Please check out the readme.txt inside the archive for further information.


Code: Daytona675x
Gfx/Levels: H2o
Music/Sfx: TRiACE
NFO-ASCII-Art: sk!n

Special thanks to:
AmigaGuru, Bruno, David, Flori, Irata, Link, Melli, Ria, Yasu

And the great VoxelNoid Soundtrack EP is availblable here.

Have fun,
the Cherry-Darling-team

VoxelNoid Facebook
Cherry Darling

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