New Wazp3D Driver - Beta56

Date 15-Oct-2014 21:25:44
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DESCRIPTION Wazp3D : Alain THELLIER - Paris - FRANCE Wazp3D is a library
intended to be compatible with the famous Warp3D.library (AmigaOS 68020-40 or
OS4-PPC or Aros or Morphos )
If you enjoyed Wazp3D send me a postcard at: Thellier. 43 Rue Ordener. 75018

15 Oct 14

Wazp3D Driver Beta56

GNU General Public License (GNU GPL)

o Compatible with the famous Warp3D.library for AmigaOS
o Inside Aros & WinUAE & Morphos can also render in hardware
o StormMesa & MiniGL compatibility
o The 97 functions from the latest Warp3D.library v5 are presents
o Sources included ( Wazp3D has been ported to AROS)
o Can be software only (=slow) : no need to have 3D hardware
o Work in UAE so can serve to compile/test your 3D softwares inside UAE
o Wazp3D can lie and pretend to have a "perfect hardware driver" so the
3D-softwares will not fail due to a lacking feature.
o Full Documentation, faq and grabs at
o Unlike QuarkTex you can run multiple Warp3D applications concurrently
o Built-in debugger
o Demo-program to use with Wazp3D

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