New RadeonHD 2.4 From A-EON Technology

Date 27-Oct-2014 21:59:36
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New RadeonHD 2.4 drivers
Digital Composite Video Support

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of new and updated RadeonHD drivers for AmigaOS 4.

A-EON Technology have once again commissioned Amiga graphics developer, Hans de Ruiter, to update the existing RadeonHD V1.0 drivers to add support for the new range of RadeonHD graphics cards in the R5, R7 and R9 series. Existing registered owners of the RadeonHD v1.0 drivers can update to v1.2 free of charge on AMIStore or through the A-EON secure download server.

New RadeonHD V2 driver
In our ongoing and continued commitment to the AmigaONE X1000 platform, we also commissioned Hans to deliver hardware accelerated video playback using the RadeonHD graphics cardís own GPU. The delivers full screen 1080p video playback for AmigaOS 4 using RadeonHD graphics cards for the X1000 and compatible next generation AmigaOS systems. In addition we commissioned Hans to implement DMA support for the X1000 which unlocks the raw graphic power of the RadeonHD cards. The grpahics DMA work has additionally benefited other compatible AmigaOS plaforms.

The main features of the V2 driver are:

● YUV bitmaps with CompositeTags(). YUV420p bitmaps are 37.5% the size of 32-bit ARGB bitmaps so there's less data to copy to the graphics card.
● While overlay is restricted to 1-2 surfaces and does not respect transparency, Composite Video can render an unlimited number of surfaces and can perform alpha blending instead of chroma keying which can be used for advanced video effects.
● Videos can be Rotated, warped and even projected into another video.
● Alpha blending/compositing can be used for cross-fade between video files & other effects.
● Full 1080p Video playback with supported video files
● Support for the latest generation of AMD Radeon Rx graphics cards from the R5, R7 and R9 series**

The RadeonHD V1.2 & V2 drivers reaffirm our ongoing commitment to support the AmigaONE X1000 and our future hardware systems.

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