Icaros Desktop 2.0 now available for dowload!

Date 31-Oct-2014 12:39:09
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

The second "major release" of Icaros Desktop, your beloved AROS distribution, is now available for download. After 18 months of hard work, many internal beta releases and countless of additions and bug fixes, it brings a completely new interface based on DirectoryOpus 5 Magellan, a more polished M68K environment for classic Amiga games and applications, many new applications (among of them: ZuneView and ScalOS), and the faster TLSF memory manager recently introduced in AROS.

Icaros Desktop 2.0 is based on Deadwood's ABIv0-on-trunk backport and is available, as usual, in two flavours: the self-executable Live! package, which includes DVD ISO for installation on real hardware and a refreshed QEMU virtual machine for Windows™, and the Light version, which includes the core files only, but will fit on a CD-ROM or on a 1GB USB pendrive.

For more informations, full-size screenshots and downloads, please follow this link on www.icarosdesktop.org

Icaros 2.0 can run on Windows as self-contained virtual machine, albeit slowly.

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ADF and ISO images can be mounted and unmounted with a few mouse clicks.

Faster and stabler 68K environment allows execution of classic Amiga applications.

OWB 1.23 enhances Icaros web-compatibility with current sites.

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Management of image files has greatly improved in Icaros Desktop 2.0.

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