indieGO!- Bonusprogram for Developers

Date 15-Nov-2014 16:30:28
Topic: News

Next month we will open the store in terms of "being able to purchase something". For now people can only download freeware or commercial stuff if they have a "voucher-code".

The developer bonus program checks each month for the month's top10 Developers (by downloads) and each of them will get 1/10th of the bonus sum. The amount of the bonus sum will differ month to month based on the financial surplus. As a start, I've thrown in 100 which equals to 10000amicoins (indiecoins are the same).

Developers can follow the guide to learn how to publish their content on the indieGO-Store. Accepted contents are:
Games, Applications, Operating systems, Drivers, Music, Movies, Magazines
If you have something else please ask.

Today I add a new target platform "Hollywood-player" since applets can now be used HW- independent it makes sense to have a Hollywood store.

So far we surpassed the 250 user-mark.

The PDF-Guide for Publishers

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