SimpleMail 0.41 released for AOS3 and AOS4

Date 26-Dec-2014 1:03:02
Topic: News

In what seems to be a Christmas tradition, the SimpleMail team has released an update to their excellent Amiga mailer. From their announcement:

The Final Edition of SimpleMail on SourceForge has been released! Version 0.41 comes with following changes:

* Added some server certificate checks including the possibility to manually specify the fingerprints of the remote servers
* For AmigaOS 4.x, a version statically linked against OpenSSL will be temporarily provided, at least until AmiSSL has been updated. For this version, OpenSSL 1.0.1j is used.
* Some development infrastructure changes have been undertaken including the move of the source code repository from SourceForge to GitHub (

The SimpleMail Team wishes you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2014!

You can download updated versions for both AOS3 (link) and AOS4 (link with openssl, link without openssl). Doesn't look like a big update, but still worth it to grab the latest build. Enjoy!

-- eliyahu

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