DirectoryOpus 4.18.41

Date 1-Mar-2015 19:03:34
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DirectoryOpus 4.18.41 (22-feb-2015) OS4

Thanks to Xinic, here is a minor update of DirectoryOpus4 for OS4 which focuses on bug fixing.

Changes in this release include:

*Added missing arguments check in DopusRT to prevent a crash if DopusRT is started with no arguments.
*Fixed access of freed memory when closing an asynchronous Read window. Fixed several potential memory leaks.
*Added signal notification to asynchronous Read windows when quitting Dopus4 or returning with changes from ConfigOpus. Previously the asynchronous Read windows could be forcibly closed at users request and leave Read processes running with no window.
*Fixed launching of asynchrouous Read processes and added checks for Ctrl-C to shut down those processes.
*Fixed reopening of Dopus4 on front screen when returning from ConfigOpus changes if Dopus4 was initially started with "BEHINDWB" TOOLTYPE or "-B" CLI argument.
*Eliminated a crash in the Dopus4 ANSIRead command.
*Changed the "close foreign windows" requester to open on the Dopus4 screen when quitting Dopus4 from it's own screen.
*Fixed copying of directories form archives opened in a lister.
*Fixed some failures to unlock public screens after failed memory allocations or file access.
*Updated "alien windows" requester text to match previously updated requester actions.
*Added Czech catalogs and French catalog. Updated all catalogs. Program catalog definition file and translation files updated.
*Changed "Hidden" bit in Protect requester to "Hold" bit for OS4. Eliminated hidden bit setting in ConfigOpus which activated hiding of files with the H bit set. The H bit is actually a hold bit in OS4 and indicates to AmigaDOS that the file should be added to the resident list if the P (pure) bit is also set.
*Added popupmenu & xadmaster header files to sources so others can compile Dopus4 without hunting for missing includes.
*Updated history files.

Please report serious bugs or problems at the Opus4 YahooGroups email list. Include the version number in any reports.

Download Diropus 4.18.41

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