AEROS for Pi beta 10 (registered users) and Beta 8 for "everybody"

Date 4-Apr-2015 19:15:02
Topic: software AROS

AEROS for Pi beta 10 is ready for registered users.

  • Updated UAE4all2 with AROS68k kickstart replacement
  • Added Quake 3 demo (works only on Pi with 512MB RAM!)
  • Added Gimp (very very sluggish on a Pi 1)
  • USB-sticks are now auto mounted when you attach them
    • no need to run a linux file manager first.

  • Added EmulationStation (you need to boot into command line to run it)
  • changed memory split and reduced Memory size for AROS (this can be modified by the user) in order to get Quake working with less swapping

This was done on a Pi 1 and made to work on that.
Requirement: 256MB Pi, 8GB SD-Card (not everything will work here)
Better:: 512MB Pi1(everything will work but slow)
Optimum: Pi2

I have not included Quake 3 game data (demo files) because the game itself is still on German index.

As an Easter gift I am uploading now AEROS Plus beta 8 for Raspberry 1 to the indieGO!- Appstore. This comes including the "lx" command.

Only limitations:
  • The "purchase" in the store doesn't qualify automatically for updates
  • Runs on Rpi1 only

The latest App Store binaries for any platform can be found here:

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