ADRipper 1.12 released

Date 28-Apr-2015 16:56:12
Topic: software OS4

A substantial update to ADRipper, the CD audio extractor and converter for AmigaOS4, has been released. You can download it from, and it is also delivered via AmiUpdate.

Installation notes (IMPORTANT!):

* Unpack the archive and copy the ADRipper drawer to your location of choice.
* DO NOT mix files from this release with an older installation!
* The plugin API has changed. Older encoders WILL NOT work with this version of ADRipper! In order to avoid potential problems, all encoder plugins (previously available as separate downloads) are now distributed with the main program.
* The "Developers" and "Translators" drawers are optional. You can safely remove them if you don't plan to translate ADRipper or develop new plugins for it.

Release notes for this version:

- development and maintenance taken over by Daniel "Trixie" Jedlicka
- new encoder plugin: AAC
- now distributed with all plugins that have been developed so far
- fixed a crash when going to Preferences (via toolbar) after iconification
- fixed a menu bug that allowed accessing some temporarily unavailable functions after iconification
- updated memory allocation routines to use OS4's new memory system
- updated GUI initialization routines to use new Intuition features
- various fixes and improvements to the GUI
- new ADRipper logo (see the About requester)
- removed program window snapshotting because it was buggy (this feature will be reimplemented using the new Window Class snapshotting mechanism, once it becomes publicly available)
- the program icon is no longer added to AmiDock automatically at startup (I consider this behaviour quirky; it may get reimplemented but it'll never again become a default setting)
- in connection with the above, the NODOCKICON tooltype/keyword added in V1.9 is now ignored
- reworked the main program locale catalog
- localized all encoder plugins, added many translations
- assembled all available documentation into a single AmigaGuide file
- updated the plugin API documentation and example code
- recompiled the main program and all plugins against the latest public SDK
- linked with the latest libcddb to allow better CDDB support in future releases (many thanks to Fredrik Wikstrom for porting the library!)
- added a stack cookie to ensure optimum performance
- resolved all compiler warnings

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