MultiViewerNG Released on AMIStore

Date 13-Jun-2015 11:55:10
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MultiViewerNG Released on AMIStore
The ultimate Next-Generation AmigaOS file viewer

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that MultiViewerNG is now released and available on AMIStore App Store.

It is currently priced at GBP 6, EUR 8.40, USD $9.30 (excluding local taxes and transaction processing fee

MultiViewerNG is a datatype viewer for the AmigaOS 4. It features many extra features such as:

* Toolbar icons which user can hide
* File list which user can hide
* Tabs mode which user can switch on/off
* Can run from Shell or Workbench
* File and image editing hotlinks
* Mark mode for copying sections of image to clipboard
* Image zoom and rotate (supports mouse wheel)
* Powerful ARexx interface with scripts menu
* Save images in various file formats
* Slideshow mode for sequentially viewing files (customisable delay)

A-EON Technology Ltd

MultiViewerNG was developed under contract by Andy Broad who spent nearly 6 months in design, development and testing of it. A-EON Technology once again would like to thank Andy for his commitment to this project and also extend thanks to the beta testers who helped with the project.

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