Enhancer Software package for PowerPC & 68k

Date 16-Nov-2015 14:06:13
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Enhancer Software package for PowerPC & 68k
Applications, utilities, datatypes and classes for the AmigaOS

San Francisco 19th October 2015

As part of our ongoing commitment to develop quality software content for both PowerPC and 68K AmigaOS systems A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased announce the upcoming release of the Enhancer Software package.

Enhancer Software is a collection of applications, utilities, datatypes and classes that will enhance the AmigaOS experience on your PowerPC or 68k Amiga. To create this package we contracted a number of current and former Amiga developers to produce new application and updates for our existing software products.

The result is a powerful mix of productivity and utility software
which includes:-

* MultiViewer
* MultiEdit
* ClipViewer
* Workbench CANDI
* InstallerNG
* SysInspector
* TuneNet
* X-Dock
* Datatypes
* Classes
* SmartFileSystem2
* Ringhio Notification Server

...and many more.

In line with our aim to support both 68k and PowerPC users, versions of the Enhancer
Software package will be available for both platforms. However, some applications and
utilities will be PowerPC or 68k specific and will be supplied in the appropriate in the Enhancer Soft-ware package. The Enhancer Software package will be
available from AMIStore and participating Amiga dealers.

For more information please visit: http://enhancer.amiga.org (coming soon)

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