DarkPlaces released by Huno !

Date 24-Dec-2015 19:18:47
Topic: software OS4

Huno wishes us a Merry Xmas and offers us one of his greatest work : DarkPlaces for AmigaOS 4.1

DarkPlaces is a vastly enhanced version of Quake I and brings many new features such as the realism of shell casings falling to the floor, much improved bullet impacts, 32bit color alpha blended explosions, blood flying everywhere and sticking to the walls...

Originally programmed by LordHavoc, Huno spent many months optimizing his port to get the game running without any trouble on AmigaOS 4.1.

A 3D card with MiniGL/Warp3D is needed to get the game running (and the original datas of the game of course)

The game can be dwonloaded from Huno's dedicated page or directly from this link

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