Odyssey Web Browser Endianess Bounty Open

Date 8-Feb-2016 17:19:50
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

Hello dear fellows Amigans!

It took to me some amount of time to understand how to create Bounty on BountySource and I must first join Deadwood Odyssey Web Browser project on GitHub, in order to create an official ISSUE report, but at least I succeded.

(Without official issue report from developers site, BountySource does not start any bounty! Strange but true!)

Now Bounty is Open!


This is truly a call to arms for all us Amigans!

Donate to let developers being awarded for solve all endianess issues that afflict PPC Odyssey Web Browser Webkit Javascript Engine.

A browser flawlessly working is necessary condition to let PPC processors continue being used as productive desktop machines!

I created the bounty and just starting collecting money by donating the first 10 US$.

Now it is up to you to let our platform survive!

Donate! Donate! Donate!

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