DiscreetFX Presents - Open Video Toaster: No Amiga VT4000 Hardware Required!

Date 14-Apr-2017 15:50:31
Topic: Announcement

NAB 2017 Release version 0.1

Thanx emufan for all the hard work on this release!

Thanx clusteruk & emufan for giving us that gentle but required nudge to update this projects website.

Open Video Toaster

Amiga Toasterless Switcher

Requires Amiga Virtual Machine available from the following links below

Amiga Forever


Please read included .Readme file in the download archive for more information.

No donations to Open Video Toaster Required!

Thanks to testers and feedback suggestions on English Amiga Board.

If you want to provide direct feedback to Open Video Toaster find us at


e-mail: discreetfx AT gmail.com

Google Voice: 1 (424) 239-9656

Requires Amiga Forever/WinUAE/P-UAE or any modern Amiga Virtual Machine running on AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS, AROS, OS X (macOS), Linux & Windows.

Also requires version AmigaOS 3.x or newer to run software and Video Toaster 4.3 Install.

Download Toasterless


May also work on MorphOS


May also work on AROS




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