Mediator pci.library 12.0

Date 1-Sep-2017 22:38:39
Topic: hardware Classic

The new version of pci.library for all Mediator models has been released today.

The pci.library ver. 12.0 allows to set the PCI space of Mediators working in the MMU mode as noncachable. It's controlled by Envarc:Mediator/NoCache variable.

At the same time we are releasing the beta version of the pci.library 13.0. It supports additional PCI space for PCI processor cards in Mediator 1200 TX.


Pci.library 12.0 and 13.0 can be downloaded from the Mediator software page.

Information on the current versions is available in the DOWNLOADS | Mediator section. The current list of supported PCI cards is available in the Mediator Driver Guide. Information about Mediator-related sources you will find in the COMMUNITY section.

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