GDPR day is here

Date 25-May-2018 8:47:33
Topic: News


In light of the new GDPR regulations some changes have been made to the site to make us compliant.

First of all, there is new a link in the footer block of the site called privacy where you can at any time review our privacy statement, if you haven't already you should read it at this point

Second of all, if you are logged in, or proceed to log in to the site, you will have to accept the agreement before proceeding with your login, or logout.

Thirdly I've added a little text and a link to the new registration page (users upon registering and proceeding to login, will have to accept the agreement to continue the login process just like any user)

Once the agreement has been accepted the site will remember that you've accepted it and won't present you with it again, you should still view it periodically to make sure that we haven't made changes that you don't want.

Should you find any terms of the agreement unacceptable to you and wish to stop using the site and/or remove all identifiable information you should send us an email in the email address given on the privacy agreement page and we will deal with it accordingly

The fourth and final part of the compliance is that we'll have to move all site activity to https, this unfortunately means that the site will probably break on most of the classic Amiga browsers, we're very sorry about that but there is unfortunately nothing we can do to circumvent that part of the new regulations. This will happen today but we're giving a little notice so you aren't caught off guard when trying to use the site later today.

Enjoy your weekend,
Your team

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