Debian Jessie's Girl AmigaOne Linux installer with USB and online installers

Date 18-Jun-2018 20:56:30
Topic: Announcement

In February we saw the long awaited release of the AmigaOne Debian Jessie Linux Install CD. Both from those who desired a modern Linux installer on their AmigaOne and from myself as well as Geri where we spent years putting it together.

Although the original AmigaOne machines are getting on now and getting a bit slow, the AmigaOne Linux installer has features that are unprecedented on the platform for any Linux installer and even now still unmatched by Linux installers on modern AmigaOne branded hardware.

Featuring an autobooting, full install CD, with boot menu, simplified install process, boot volume checker, progress dialogues, AmgaOne kernel installer and boot menu all added in the package.

But now we've gone not only one further but two further. As well as the full install CD I also built a net installer CD. This is a tiny ISO image that can be used to boot the installer and will install Linux from the internet.

On top of this, there is now a USB booter, just like in the big Linux distros. Both the full and net installer images are hybrid ISO9660 images which can be written to either an optical disc or USB stick. And booted off either! Using the same autoboot process. It doesn't get much easier then that.

While we can't do much about the speed of the installer. We can make it easier for you to install as we have done here. Check out the forum for full details of the installer release and instructions.

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