Personal Paint (PPaint) 7.3c Released

Date 7-Mar-2019 8:22:20
Topic: News

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce a new version of PPaint 7.3c for Classic OS3 and OS4.

New users: you can purchase Personal Paint download from the official website or AMIStore App Store. The boxed edition can be purchased directly from Amiga Kit Amiga Store.

Existing users: The update is free download for registered users of version 7.3 from Updater tool or website.

Changes for this new version against 7.3b:

Feature additions:

* Add polygon mode to grab brush tool.

* Update Itialian translation (contributed Luca Longone)

Bug fixes:

* Fix long filename support.

* Fix buffer overflows in brush scaling.

* Fix buffer overflows in brush shearing.

* Extend internal brush structure to include shear status values so that when shearing brush twice in a row is starts from the current sheared state and not the original brush state.

* Fix incorrect calculation of visible files in builtin requester resulting in
an occasional corrupt looking filename at end of file list.
(personal_req.library 1.11)

* Fix (work around) extra spacing in thin gadget mode that left areas of uncleared disabled hatching when certain gadgets were enabled (button and tickbox). personal_req.library 1.12

* Fix single pixel brush "sticking" in MATTE mode after using a custom brush.

* Fix positioning of flood / fill pointer hot spot.

We would like to thank Amiga Developer team member, Andy Broad for his hard work on this update. We would also like to thank our beta testers for their valuable feedback.

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