Icaros Desktop 2.2.8

Date 3-Jul-2019 19:13:23
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

New version 2.2.8 of Icaros Desktop has been released, and as usual it will be initially available to beta-testers and patrons only. There are goodies for everyone! You can play new accelerated games with your native installation, if your video card is supported, but you can also enjoy all the improvements we made to hosted modes. We got now VidentiumPicta, an image viewer heavily inspired from the pupular Windows program IrfanView, the Atari 800 emulator, the new 1.1 version of Polybios. But they aren't the only additions to the distribution: if you run the list below, you can see many new names like DisplayInfo, Sploiner and Bars'n'Pipes, the glorious music editor for Amiga, ported to AROS and re-released as freeware. But it's also time for gaming: we can now play Zaz, Shmupacabra, KrystalDrop, Powermanga, Africa and rRootage. Last but not least, Icaros Desktop 2.2.8 includes many enhancements to the Magellan GUI and hosted mode, such as a better memory management and the chance to run AROS in full screen. We've also added a new 'hb' command to HostBridge, to let people integrate host applications from the command line.

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