Interest in the Amiga Tabor surges as AmigaKit sells out A-EON's AAA bundle

Date 24-Jan-2020 13:15:35
Topic: hardware OS4

Hot on the heels of 10+ Minute Amiga Cast's highly anticipated interview with A-EON's head honcho Trevor Dickinson, the UK-based Amiga retailer AmigaKit has announced that the A-EON AAA bundle completely sold out on January, 22nd. While the bundle includes both some basic hardware (such as an branded mouse) and software (like ImageFX and the Enhancer 2.0 software suite), it is essentially meant to serve as a way of letting interested Amiga users get first dibs on A-EON's upcoming Amiga Tabor - a brand new, PowerPC-based Amiga meant to serve as a cost reduced way of getting onboard the next generation of Amiga computers.

In an updated FAQ entry, it is stated that every single owner of the AAA bundle will get the chance to sign up for a Tabor motherboard as part of the Early Adopter Program. Early adopters are promised a "special introductory offer price" that is yet to be announced. Shipping of the ~100 units that are part of the AAA bundle offer will, according to the launch plan, start in Q2, 2020. After an undisclosed period of time thereafter, the Amiga Tabor is expected to be available to the general public.

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