COVID-19 "Corona" virus hampers Chinese economy, may stall Amiga Tabor launch

Date 24-Feb-2020 22:28:09
Topic: hardware OS4

In a lenghty blog update posted by A-EON CEO Trevor Dickinson on Monday, February 24th, it is stated that production of the upcoming Amiga Tabor may get stalled because of the COVID-19 virus. Reported by various news sources, the pathogen has hampered the electronics business throughout southeast Asia. As reported by Dickinson, the low cost PowerPC-based Amiga manufacturing may also be affected by the virus, potentially pushing the production of the early edition pre-orders from this spring to the third quarter. Meanwhile, the 100 customers that have already bought AmigaKit's sold-out "AAA Bundle" are said to get the opportunity to sign up for pre-ordering the Tabor Early Edition sometime next week.

As no firm launch date has been announced yet, it remains to be seen if the Tabor Early Edition customers on the waiting list will have their new Amigas by this summer or at a later date. On a side note, it may be speculated that A-EON's ExecSG software team will use any additional time to further improve on AmigaOS before the Amiga Tabor's Early Adopter Program takes off.

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