ShaderJoy 1.8 for AmigaOS4 released

Date 1-Jun-2020 9:16:57
Topic: software OS4

ShaderJoy is a tool that can visualize GLSL-based fragment shaders written by Capehill (Juha Niemimaki). The goal is to have some compatibility with Shadertoy database:

(click on image for fullsize):

Download latest version from Capehill's page:

Latest Warp3DNova and OGLES2 need it, which means, in turn, RadeonHD or Radeon RX as well.

Version 1.8 featured:

- Support of many ShaderToy's uniforms, such as iChannel0...3 textures, iChannelResolution0...3, iTimeDelta, and iFrameRate uniforms, iDate, iMouse.y and others
- Use vertex buffer objects (VBOs).
- AppWindow support: shaders can be dropped into the window.
- Verbose logger
- User-selectable VSYNC mode (WaitTOF, WaitBOVP, or disabled).
- Display running time on the window title bar.
- Fullscreen support
- Tooltypes
- It can be set up to be used via DefIcons, so double-click from Workbench/Filler/Dopus/etc works.

Youtube video in action:

Youtube video ShaderJoy 1.8 in action, 1920x1080 full HD

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