Sam460cr sold out "in seconds", second batch on its way

Date 26-Mar-2021 1:51:30
Topic: hardware OS4

On Wednesday, March 24th Italian Amiga manufacturer announced that the first reproduction run of the Sam460cr - a PowerPC-based Amiga motherboard - was sold out "in minutes". The company underlined that Amiga users longing for new hardware won't be left out in the cold, since a second batch is already planned for. Future customers are asked to express their interest in an e-mail, signing up a pre-order.

At the time of this writing, it is unknown what the upfront cost will be, and what the final price will be. The first batched retailed for 489 including the latest release of AmigaOS along with a games bundle. The cost reduced motherboard lacks a few crucial components, including graphics and SATA controller hardware, adding to the grand total.

With ACube producing brand new Amiga hardware, further pressure is put on its competitor A-EON and its own line of PowerPC based Amiga systems. With the company's highly anticipated low cost A1222 Plus Amiga slated for launch in Q2, 2021, the market for entry level PowerPC Amigas is sizzling. Expect to see how the two systems stack up up against each other this summer, when they should have reached the first consumers.

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