Updater Utility: Warp3D Nova and Copy Command

Date 12-Jun-2021 10:54:31
Topic: software OS4

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce new software releases on Updater utility:

* Copy v54.7
* Warp3DNova.library v1.85
* W3DN_SI.library v1.85
* W3DN_GCN.library v1.85

Please refer to our official Amiga.org Wiki documentation for more information.

Special Thanks:

A-EON would like to extend appreciation and thanks to the beta testers across the community who have been giving up their free time to test this software. Special thanks to the beta testers of the Amiga Developer Team for their hard work in testing. We are grateful to our developers for their dedication and enduring work to this project.


Warp3D Nova

Version 1.85 2021/04/28
- W3DN_SI/GCN: Added framebuffer lock failure detection to prevent a
crash (#717)

Version 1.84 2021/04/01
- W3DN_GCN: No more freezing with RX 570/580 cards (#361)
- W3DN_GCN: Fixed W3DNHelloTriangle corruption with Radeon RX 570/580
- W3DN_SI/GCN - Using an array of textures in a loop would cause
graphics corruption and also a GPU lockup. FIXED
- W3DN_SI/GCN - Elementwise access to vec3 vertex shader inputs was
broken. FIXED
- DDK: Added tests for the bug listed above


Copy 46.7 / 54.7 :
24 May 2021

- Fixed bug in setting the path of the destination file if it wasn't provided.
It could use the source file's path instead of the current dir.

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