Microsoft Windows 98 Is Dead.

Date 11-Dec-2002 19:13:03
Topic: News

Windows98(and the 98 se variant) recently entered what microsoft calls the "Extended phase" of its lifecycle. This according to Microsoft means that Windows98 will no longer be sold at your local branch of PCWorld etc.
Importantly, all support options such as updates bug fixes, will be limited. June 2003 Windows enters `NON-Supported phase` at the point windows 98 can kiss its horrible ass goodbye as far as MIcrosoft is concerned.
There will be shed, loads of HomeMade websites still on the net dedicated to WIndows 98 but these will be non Official.
Dont even bother with windows ME, Me is and will allways be the "seriously bugged version of windows" Me`s life cycle will end on 31 December 2003 when all support for Me will stop.

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