AxRuntime v41.2 Released

Date 6-Apr-2022 0:30:15
Topic: software AROS

A new version of AxRuntime is now available! AxRuntime lets developers compile their Amiga API-based applications as Linux programs.

The highlights of release v41.2 are:

1) AROS-Shell, an AmigaDOS-compatible Shell, is now available for you as a native Linux program. You can write DOS scripts and use shell commands to interact with Linux filesystem.
2) AxRuntime becomes a bridge between AROS x86_64 and Linux by allowing running native AROS programs as standalone Linux programs. In this function AxRuntime is similar to Wine. Wine allows running Windows programs on Linux, AxRuntime allows running AROS programs on Linux.

This release comes with 4 applications: AROS-Shell, MPlayer, WookieChat and Final Writer 7 (demo). Additionally AROS x86_64 applications like MUIbase can also be used!

A full change log of this release is available here: To download AxRuntime packages and applications go to

If you are interested in using AxRuntime for your projects or even contributing to AxRuntime, please contact me via email or PM on one of the listed sites:

Below you can see a selection Amiga programs running on a linux desktop. For more screen shots, visit

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