Waffle, the external usb drive to read and write amiga floppy is available

Date 23-Sep-2022 12:41:58
Topic: hardware OS4

The forth Bach of Waffle is available from Retrogiovedi.it. The Italian company has back in stock this handy USB drive that, conncted to you PC, can read and write ADF files from 3,5" floppy and also be used as a real Amiga drive under WinUAE emulation.

The Waffle came on a colorful and professionally printed box, containing the Waffle itself, a usb cable and a usb stick containing all the needed software.

The Waffle is available on www.retrogiovedi.it and also on eBay: https://www.ebay.it/itm/195336835377

Tha waffle is based on the work of Rob Smith https://amiga.robsmithdev.co.uk

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