RadeonHD V5 Licence Purchase on A-EON Website

Date 23-Sep-2022 13:08:02
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The latest RadeonHD V5 driver has been available as a boxed item on Amiga Kit. The driver was also recently made available to download on Updater tool for registered users.

In the meantime machine specific platform licences for the driver are available to purchase directly from A-EON website. The RadeonHD ordering page on A-EON will provide a serial key which can be registered on Amisphere.com and also inside the Updater tool to enable the driver download.

Main Features

* Support for Video Acceleration Library (Enhancer Software 2.2 required)
* GART support on X1000 and X5000 platforms


RadeonHD requires a RadeonHD graphics card with a Southern Islands graphics chipset (e.g. RadeonHD 7770, R7-240 and R7-250. It is not compatible with older RadeonHD graphics cards (2000-6000). Soft reset not supported.

Where To Buy

Digital Download Serial Key:
RadeonHD Ordering Page on A-EON.com

Boxed Product:
Amiga Kit Amiga Store

Driver Information

RadeonHD Wiki

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